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About Sharonda Bailey

This Is my Story

To turn back the weary hands of time, where decisions made and actions done, words spoken and songs are sung; with past pains plummeted and vivid memories faded, a mix of public mingle and private isolation, the blend of joy and up-turned lips... Is it enough to wish it away? To wish it all away, when greatest moments are
intertwined with the worst in a before space of time? Time is always holding out his hand like a beggar in the streets, only he’s not afraid to take when not given to. No one calls this stealing but a way of life – the tick-tock of the clock. Times asks for no permission. Could we lock-up time and throw away the keys?


As Sharonda Bailey lies there in her cell, thoughts of time meandered through the crevices of her mind, especially since she was serving six and a half years. “Be a leader, not a follower, be a leader, not a follower, be a leader, not a follower…” on and on this played in her head, quite unlike a broken record but one in the
making. It reflected the woman in the making. One who, as we fast-forward, shows the possibility of positive change, the power of persistence, and the miraculous effects of never giving up. Mantra manifested.

Sharonda Bailey is a passionate giver, selfless leader, and hasty helper. As a coach she’s charismatic, as a mentor she’s memorable and as a person, she is loved.
Give her a vision – she’ll offer a blueprint, present a desire – she’ll draft up a plan, ask for a change – she’ll outline an opportunity. A woman of boundless faith and unhesitant action, Sharonda affirms, “You don’t have to be great to get started but you have to get started to be great.”
The transformation has invented its footprint in the sands of the Texas-Woman’s life: Streetwise turned wit, subservience turned leadership, whispering turned ministering, student, turned mentor and sacrifice turned salvation. Sharonda has a Bachelors in Business Management and another in Theology to concur. Not to
mention she’s a certified life coach and a successful network marketer actively building an organization of men and women on a mission to facilitate change and advocate financial literacy in the lives of others. With prayer in her back pocket, she goes fearlessly for that what she envisions. Charitable and not-for-profit
ventures in the future such as a halfway house to help those exiting prison-life transition into a life of “freedom”, marks this mother and wife as relentless.

Relentless in her aims to address systematic issues head-on and help others realize their greatness. Leadership, legacy, and love – it’s the Sharonda way of being and doing. To bring others to a wealth of information which results in financial breakthrough, to pave a path for generation present and ones to come, to distribute inspiration, motivation, and love around the globe – this is the Sharonda way of being and doing.

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